What is The Golden Flip Flop?

Freedom and happiness.

The Golden Flip Flop (TGFF) is a symbol of the kind of life that everybody dreams about – living carefree in a sunny place where you never have to wear real shoes ever again.

But more than a physical location, it’s a state of personal freedom.

Finding your golden flip flop means discovering where and how to lead a beautiful existence – without worry, without commuting, without Mondays.

In short The Golden Flip Flop is your special set up. You happiest life.

Picture this.

After a night of restful sleep, you wake up to the sound of birds outside your window. The sun’s already up and it looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day.

Not bad

You pull some shorts over your butt, throw on a tee shirt and laugh because this is what you now call “business casual”. That corny joke never gets old.

You make yourself some local coffee that has a deeper, richer flavor than Starbucks and you step outside.

Working on a laptop from your lanai, shaded by lush vegetation, you eat some fresh fruit and a piece of that bread you bought from the bakery in town.

A light breeze flutters the palm leaves as you gleefully check your growing bank balance.

Reading the news you see that a major snow storm back home has caused epic traffic jams. A peaceful smile creases your lips while you think about all those poor suckers.

You gently snap your laptop shut, lean back with your hands folded behind your head and think about what you want to do with the day.

My Office

Maybe you’ll do some more work – because you actually like it. Or maybe you’ll shuffle over to the beach or go fishing or go into town. You’re free.

No commute, no boss, no snow, no credit card debt – no worries.

You’ve worked like a jackass your whole life and spent most of your earnings on living expenses, dumb stuff (that you didn’t really need) and taxes

Stress, fast food and lack of proper exercise have not been particularly beneficial to your health.

But now you are finally treating yourself right, and you feel better and more cheerful than you can ever remember.

You wake up every single day with an expectation of happiness.

There is one regret that bothers you, though – that you waited so long.

Well, stop waiting!

I’m here to tell you that there is a new life out there with your name on it. It’s time for you to start looking for it.

Together we are going to help you find your golden flip flip – your best set up in this world.

My job is to give you the inside scoop on the best, most affordable places in the world. Furthermore I will to show you how to make money from anywhere so that you never have to touch your savings.

Welcome to TGFF! It is my honor and pleasure to be your guide.


John Astrab

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