Costa Rica Uses 100% Sustainable Energy

Secluded beach in Costa Rica

Want to Save the Planet? Move to Costa Rica

“For the third consecutive year, Costa Rica covered its electricity consumption almost exclusively thanks to renewable sources. This is confirmed by the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE Group), the state company responsible for electricity and telecommunications services.”

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US Residents Make Huge Carbon Footprints

Most people say they are concerned about the environment.

You might drive electric cars and recycle everything you can. But the US as a whole is not very eco-friendly – to put it mildly.

And unless you live off the grid in a cabin in the woods, you are still contributing to the damage the United State does to the planet – just by living here. It’s almost completely unavoidable.

Do you go to the movies or to a park or a chain store? Do you use public roads, go to the courthouse, work in an office building or factory?

I could go on and on. But the point is that almost every building or public space in the US uses fossil fuel for heat, air conditioning and electricity.

But what if you could live a better, healthier life and increase your standard of living and lower your carbon footprint?

You can. Here’s how:

Move to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica – Powered by Nature

Arenal Volcano in Cost Rica on a sunny day

For decades, Costa Rica has been on the expat short list of great places to retire.

Safe, Stable and economically robust – all things one looks for in a place to relocate.

And of course Costa Rica is world famous for its different climates and biodiversity.

And because Ticos (a nickname for Costa Ricans) are so proud and protective of their natural attractions, they have a heightened sense of respect for the environment.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some free electricity. So they’ve embarked on an ambitious plan to be totally self reliant on sustainable, renewable energy – mainly wind and solar.

80% Renewable Energy

They’re nearly there. Last year the went 300 out of 365 days without using fossil fuels to power their electrical grid or emitting any carbon into the atmosphere.

And officials are dead set on making the grid completely free of petroleum.


So if you live in Costa Rica, your home is almost completely powered by the sun and the wind – and you don’t need a 50-foot turbine on your roof.

With all the wonderful things Costa Rica has to offer for expats and retirees – choice of climates, easy residency options, safety and stability, amazing beaches, etc. – now you can also lower your own carbon footprint close to zero while living a life that others dream of.

You can have your fridge filled up with ice cold bottles of Imperial – with (just about) zero guilt.


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